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  • Every year, thousands of people are hurt or killed in accidents involving tractor-trailers. Semi-trucks can weigh in excess of 30,000 pounds, and accidents involving 18-wheelers often result in severe injuries or death to innocent victims.

    The Las Vegas, truck accident attorneys at Lloyd Baker have years of experience helping victims of these accidents recover the financial compensation they need and security they deserve. Working with you on an individual basis, our attorneys can assess the ways in which your injuries will impact your life and fight for fair compensation.

    Passenger vehicle occupants typically suffer more serious injuries than truck drivers in semi-truck accidents. Severe injuries common in truck accidents include:

    Many truck accidents result in the wrongful death of passenger vehicle occupants.

    Because truck accident cases often involve multiple parties including truck drivers, trucking companies, shipping or loading agents, rig owners and others, it’s important to work with an experienced truck accident attorney to ensure the best opportunity of receiving maximum financial compensation. The Las Vegas truck accident attorneys at Lloyd Baker have extensive backgrounds in insurance company trucking policies and settlement tactics, and we have the courtroom expertise to litigate your case if settlement offers are not fair.

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    If you were injured or suffered the wrongful death of a family member in a truck accident, please contact Lloyd Baker Injury Attorneys for your free case consultation. Our Phoenix truck accident attorneys are here to give you the personal attention you deserve in this difficult time. We value lifelong clients, and if you have been injured in an accident we want to be the one firm you call.

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