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    Property managers and owners have a legal responsibility to keep their premises safe for anyone who may have occasion to use them. When a property is not maintained, it opens up the possibility for a number of accidents resulting in severe personal injury.

    If you sustain a severe injury on someone else’s property, the Phoenix, Arizona, premises liability attorneys at Lloyd Baker may be able to help you pursue the financial compensation you need to recover from your injury.

    Any public area must be kept safe for people who use it. This can include shopping centers, sports arenas, hotels, and even streets and sidewalks.

    Examples of unmaintained premises include:

    • Unsafe walkways
    • Inadequate security
    • Improper lighting
    • Poor maintenance and repair
    • Negligent security
    • Inadequate warning of risks
    • Inadequate access to emergency exits

    Many of these things can result in dangerous slip and fall accidents. In turn, these accidents often result in severe injuries such as:

    If you suffered a severe injury that you believe was the result of dangerous premises, please contact Lloyd Baker Injury Attorneys for your free case consultation. Our Phoenix premises liability attorneys are ready to listen to your story and help you through the complex legal process. We value lifelong clients, and if you have been injured in an accident we want to be the one firm you call.

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