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    The roads of Phoenix, Arizona, are filled with commercial trucks and charter vehicles. These vehicles supply the goods we rely on, transport people around the city and carry visitors to popular regional tourist destinations.

    When the operators of commercial and charter vehicles act in a negligent manner, however, accidents and severe injuries can be the result. If you were hurt or a loved one was killed in an accident involving a commercial or charter vehicle, the Phoenix injury and accident attorneys at Lloyd Baker are ready to help you pursue the financial security you need and deserve.

    Examples of transports commonly involved in commercial and charter vehicle accidents include:

    • Semi-trucks
    • Charter buses/vans
    • Limousines
    • Delivery trucks/box trucks
    • Cargo vans
    • Airport/hotel shuttles
    • Taxis
    • Construction vehicles

    Like truck accident cases, lawsuits involving commercial and charter vehicles can be especially complex because they often involve multiple parties. For many commercial and charter vehicles, a special driver’s license is required. Likewise, most of these vehicles are bound by different insurance requirements than standard passenger vehicles.

    If you were injured or a family member died in a commercial or charter vehicle accident, please contact Lloyd Baker Injury Attorneys for your free case consultation. Our Phoenix accident attorneys are ready to listen to your story and advise you on your legal options. We value lifelong clients, and if you have been injured in an accident we want to be the one firm you call.

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